How it works:

  • step 1 Create your Bcon profile

    Creating your Bcon profile is easy. Register an account and enter your details into your profile. This will generate your own personalised QR code.

  • step 2 Get some stickers

    Order your stickers from us. You'll get 4 polycarbonate safe stickers made from hard-wearing, waterproof materials so you can be confident they won’t fade or come off.

    Buy Now! Only £9.99
  • step 3 Stick them on

    Stick them on your bike helmet, snowboard goggles, kayak gear and more. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that should the worst happen, you’ve done everything you can to help others help you

  • step 4 Help others help you

    Get your phone out, and show your friends how easy it is to use.

    If your phone doesn't already have scanning software, you can download one of these free apps